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Ticket Categories Best Practices & Example Build

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What are Ticket Categories

Much like Canned Reply categories, Ticket Categories provide a broad organization method to your various tickets. Ticket Categories allow structured naming schema to be applied to various tickets.

How are Ticket Categories Used?

Ticket Categories can be applied to any number of tickets, and serve as a method to both identify similar tickets in addition to setting visible indicators for next steps.

Ticket Category Creation

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Ticketing -> Ticket Categories then click on Create
  2. Provide a name for your Ticket Category, click on Enabled, and click on Create. In this example, we'll be creating an Escalation Category.
  3. Once the Ticket Category is created, you can modify the category of any existing ticket, either within the ticket, or by editing it:

Common Ticket Categories

Some common Ticket Categories to consider are:

  1. Escalations - using a ticket category for these type of tickets allows you to preserve the originating group, while allowing team leads and supervisors to easily sort the tickets
  2. Pending Bug Fix - Using this category allows you to organize all issue caused by a system or software bug for future resolution, while maintaining the original group
  3. Pending Network Upgrade - This Category would allow you to set tickets, which require a network upgrade to resolve, into a distinct category for future resolution

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