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Task Templates Overview & Use Cases

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Creating the Task Template

The Task Template is a section of Sonar created in two steps:

  1. Creating the Template title. The title is used to identify the Template when populating the template, in addition to selecting the template on the job type.
  2. Populating the template with task items. These items will be what need to be completed by the technician on the dispatch

Once the main template is given a title, a container is created which can then be populated:

Applying and Managing Template Items

Creating a Task template item is easy - Simply click on "Create Task Template Item" from the template created in the last step, then enter the text for the item you're adding:

Using Task Templates

Task Templates are a collection of actions that your technicians need to complete while they're on the job, listed on the assigned job in no particular order.

Task templates can be added on the fly. When adding a task to an entity, you will also have an option to select a task template. This will add all the tasks in the template to the entity immediately. Task templates can also be associated with some other items to be added automatically. For example, if you associate a task template with a job type, all jobs created with that type will automatically have those tasks added.

Task Template Examples

Equipment Change

The Equipment Change template would be used for technical service technicians, who have arrived at the customer premise to replace either their antenna or their router. The Following steps might be added to such a template:

Install Tasks

The install tasks would be used on a residential installation, designed to ensure a quality installation and that service is reaching the customer.

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