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Assigning RADIUS Addresses

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Assigning a Single IP Address to a RADIUS Account

To assign an IP address to a RADIUS account: navigate into the account, click into the "Network & Inventory" tab on the left-side menu, and then select the "RADIUS Accounts" sub-tab.

From within the RADIUS Accounts sub-tab, choose "Add IP Assignment" from the Edit menu.

Next, select an address from an IP pool. Once selected, you will need to complete the "Subnet" field by either entering it in manually or using the "Find Next Available IP" button to automatically populate it.

Once the necessary fields have been completed, click "Create". The address will be pushed to the RADIUS server as a Framed-IP-Address

Assigning a Subnet to a RADIUS Account

In order to add one or more subnets, known as a Framed-Route, you must complete the steps in the section above, so the NAS knows the next-hop for the route you’re about to put in.

After you have completed the steps above (under 'Assigning a Single IP Address to a RADIUS Account'), ensure you are within the "RADIUS Accounts" sub-tab still and then once again select "Add IP Assignment" from the Edit menu. This time, however, choose the "Next available subnet" option.

After completing the necessary fields and clicking "Create", the subnet will be added with the next-hop of the IP address defined in the 'Assigning a Single IP Address to a RADIUS Account' section above. The screenshot below shows what it will look like in the MySQL table when this has been completed.

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