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Kristen Fiddes Updated by Kristen Fiddes

02/20/2024 19:09 CST


  1. Returned sonarPay payments will trigger a "Payment Failed" message
  2. The following triggered message APIs have been changed:
    1. autopay_success is now payment_success
    2. autopay_failure is now payment_failure

02/15/2024 18:56 CST


  1. Expanded how many service mappings can be configured with the Calix integration
  2. Introduced the following new webhooks:
    1. AccountCalixServiceDetail
    2. AccountEvent
    3. CallLog
    4. Credit
    5. InventoryItemEvent
    6. Invoice
    7. PurchaseOrder
    8. PurchaseOrderItem
    9. ScheduledEvent
    10. ScheduledEventAccountVoiceServiceDetail
    11. Vendor
    12. VendorItem

Bug Fixes

  1. Implemented a fix to solve instances where some special characters in account names would prevent an account from syncing with the Calix integration

02/14/2024 03:23 CST

New Features

  1. We’ve released our Anchor & Linked Serviceable Addresses feature, an innovative tool that allows for precise and efficient management of service locations. This deployment includes the following features:
    1. Link together service locations as Anchor and Linked Serviceable Addresses; ideal for multi-dwelling units, satellite offices, and wholesale solutions
      1. With the bulk record creation tool, create multiple Linked Services Locations and associated Shell Accounts in one workflow
    2. Split billing between Anchor & Linked Serviceable Addresses using the new Subsidy feature
    3. Define unique service catalogs to be enforced on accounts with Linked Addresses
    4. New delinquency automation; you’re able to disable service on Linked Accounts when an Anchor Account falls delinquent
    5. Define billing defaults at an address level so that when an account is associated with a Linked Address, it will inherit the billing parameters of the Anchor
    To read more about this update, please refer to our knowledge base documentation here.

02/08/2024 18:58 CST

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue causing the creation of new accounts/contacts to fail

02/07/2024 01:47 CST

New Features

  1. We've expanded our SMS feature to include the functionality to send Triggered or Mass Messages to customers. This release includes the following:
    1. Define which phone number types are SMS capable, and opt customers in/out
    2. Utilize quiet hours to prevent Triggered Messages sending via SMS within a specified timeframe
    3. Configure department-specific SMS signatures
    To read more about this update, please refer to our knowledge base documentation here.

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