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Release Notes

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Update 07/09/2020 18:52

New Features

  1. Added the ability to include attachments on Mass Emails
  2. Added an option to use available funds upon manual creation of an invoice
  3. Added a tool tip to the Schedule Availability creation window which details "Weeks between Repetitions"
  4. Added the option to set a parent account from the to-be child account, through the account's Edit drop down - previously only able to add a child account from the parent account


  1. Updated the error message to be more descriptive when jobs were overlapped in the Scheduling Dispatcher
  2. Updated the Serviceable Address modal in the Account Management View to remove the ability to delete the serviceable address
  3. Updated ticket association behavior when creating a new job to only show open tickets

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the Account Sidebar would display "Next Bill Date" twice - now shows 'Next Bill Date" and "Activation Date" as intended
  2. Fixed an issue where the "Next Invoice Date" was being calculated incorrectly when set for next month billing
  3. Fixed an issue where the width of the "date" column on deposit slips remained very wide
  4. Fixed an issue where you would not be logged out when changing your password
  5. Fixed an issue where jobs could sometimes be duplicated when dragging them across users in the dispatch view
  6. Fixed an issue where the ticketing interface doesn't load on some instances

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