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Simon Westlake Updated by Simon Westlake

5/30/2023 20:34 CDT


  1. Added the ability for Users to administrate both View and Editor level Report Licenses

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where only Users with Super Admin permission could view aggregate value data in Reports.
  2. Fixed an issue where usage-based billing data was not visualized properly in the Account bar graph display.
  3. Removed the redundant Purchase Order Notification toggle from the User Profile
  4. Fixed an issue where Print to Mail batches of certain statuses could not be canceled
  5. Fixed an issue with the Vetro FiberMap Integration (currently in beta) that would prevent a successful initial sync under certain circumstances

5/26/2023 22:41 CDT

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with Avalara tax calculations when the tax value returned is below 1/100th of a cent
  2. Fixed an issue that could on rare occasions cause print to mail batches to be incomplete

5/23/2023 22:23 CDT


  1. Added FCC Technology Code 72, Licensed-by-Rule Terrestrial Fixed Wireless, to services and FCC reporting
  2. Updated Avalara Client ID and Client Profile ID to be mandatory when creating an Avalara Tax Provider
  3. Unified the button layout for the Scheduling view options

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where Inbound Mailboxes would break after renaming an instance
  2. Fixed an issue where the Recipient field in the Sent Emails table under Communication Tools would not display a valid recipient for some records
  3. Fixed a typo in the warning message displayed in the Print to Mail Batches page when Print to Mail is not enabled
  4. Fixed an issue where Vehicle data was not displaying in the Map
  5. Fixed an issue where the disconnect account option was not available in some cases where it should have been

5/18/2023 19:59 CDT

New Features

  1. Added a Vetro FiberMap integration to allow those using Vetro's FiberMap product to manage their fiber projects to bring key data directly into Sonar – removing the need to bridge any gaps or manually duplicate data between the two platforms.
    Note: This feature will not be made available to everyone at this time and instead will be on a limited basis for those beta testing it – for this reason, you should not see any changes to your Sonar environment.
    To read more about this feature ahead of general release, please refer to our knowledge base documentation here.

5/16/2023 10:58 CDT


  1. Updated the “A signed contract is emailed to a contact” triggered message to include a PDF attachment of the signed contract
  2. Removed “Contract Signing URL” from the list of variable options for the “A signed contract is emailed to a contact” triggered message
  3. Updated the “A receipt for payment” triggered message to include a PDF attachment of the receipt
  4. Updated Purchase Order Line Item amount to Int64 to allow values above 21,474,836.47

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that would prevent editing an Account Service after the billing frequency of the base service was adjusted from multi-month to monthly
  2. Fixed an issue where the quantity for a Voice Service did not display properly on the Invoice when “Rollup Generic Parameters” was selected and the base service amount was $0
  3. Improved inbound mailbox processing to prevent blank/empty tickets

5/10/2023 19:18 CDT

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that was preventing Debit transaction details from displaying

5/09/2023 19:44 CDT


  1. Improved the layout of the Create button found in certain selector inputs, such as the Serviceable Address list when creating or editing an Account
  2. Added Account ID to the Name field for Credit Card and Bank Account payments processed through CardConnect
  3. Updated the terminology and added helper text to the Create and Edit RADIUS Group Reply Attribute modals
  4. Updated the Invoice remittance slip to include the Invoice Number, Customer Portal URL when applicable, and the Invoice Due Date
  5. Updated helper text to indicate you can paste files using the keyboard when uploading a file
  6. Added the day of the week to the Scheduling Dispatcher View date
  7. Payment Transaction activity will now generate logs on an Account
  8. Updated the Invoice Message input in the Create Invoice Message form to allow line breaks
  9. Added a new option to the Rich Text Editor to allow for Inline Code

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that would prevent a Service applicable to all Companies from being added to a Job Type that was only valid for certain Companies
  2. Fixed an issue that would allow non-numerical inputs for Voice Provider Rate prefixes
  3. Fixed an issue where Tax amounts would not display when creating manual Invoices
  4. Fixed an issue with errors occurring with the iCalendar integration due to Schedule Blockers with multiple overrides
  5. Fixed an issue where only Super Admins could create External Marketing Providers
  6. Fixed an issue where the Amount displayed in Settings > Voice > Call Detail Records was formatted incorrectly
  7. Fixed an issue that would prevent a payment method from being updated when no Address information was attached
  8. Removed the prorate option for Scheduled Events that add or remove an Expiring service which does not allow proration
  9. Fixed an issue where a payment date might not be detected as a future date
  10. Fixed an issue where the Scheduling section would not display as the active section in the left-hand navigation menu when in Scheduling Dispatcher View or Week View

5/04/2023 19:53 CDT


  1. Added a new button option to the text editor for conditional statement blocks when creating or editing Triggered Messages
  2. Updated message variables to be selectable within the message body once added
  3. Optimized the Map to manage performance issues for instances with a large number of events and accounts

5/02/2023 20:14 CDT

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a formatting issue for Boolean or Date type Custom Fields displayed within tables
  2. Fixed an issue where the Resource Center would not open
  3. Fixed an issue with a Type Error in the Importrecipeable Interface within the API
  4. Fixed an issue where Custom Fields were not appearing on some Accounts in the Custom Fields section

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