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Update 04/15/2021 19:26


  1. Improved the naming used in webhooks, so that items relating to inventory will now be more clearly displayed as "Inventory Item" in the webhook Trigger Events table

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that was causing the routing hash to be miscalculated for ACH NACHA files
  2. Fixed an issue that was allowing delinquency exclusions to be added for February 29th, even when not a leap year
  3. Fixed an issue that wasn't allowing job types to be edited or saved if they were attached to services that did not have an associated company
  4. Fixed an issue when creating an account based on TowerCoverage submissions, where the TowerCoverage submission row would not update with the newly created Sonar account until the page was refreshed
  5. Fixed an issue with REST API wrappers where creating a new account would cause the default email categories to be created and then detached from the account's primary contact
  6. Fixed an issue when setting up the TowerCoverage integration where making an error in the form would prevent saving, even after the errors had been corrected
  7. Fixed an issue with Notification Preferences, where notifications were not being generated for the "When a task assigned to me is due soon" or "When a task assigned to me is past due" events
  8. Fixed an issue with Data Exports where in rare cases some of the text files would have misplaced data, causing extra columns
  9. Fixed an issue that occurs when multiple users are commenting or replying to the same ticket, where the user avatars would display poorly on smaller screens

Update 04/12/2021 19:48


  1. Late Fee Invoices generated on accounts will now have a due date of the next day, rather than behaving in line with an account's billing defaults

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the original instance setup would only allow for integer amounts in the Billing Settings section, rather than decimals as expected
  2. Fixed an issue where disconnecting an account then deleting the serviceable address would also delete the log of the disconnection
  3. Fixed an issue where invoices generated as a result of a Late Fee would themselves be charged late fees and invoiced accordingly
  4. Fixed an issue where failed payments being reversed would result in negative "Available Credits" being displayed on an account
  5. Fixed an issue where "Yes/No" custom fields in Sonar couldn't be unset; non-required boolean-type custom fields can now be set back to "No Selection"

Update 04/08/2021 14:46

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that was preventing reporting data from syncing for some instances

Update 04/06/2021 20:01


  1. Improved scheduling to only display users that are part of a Schedule Availability when booking a job
  2. When downloading an invoice, the message now states "Download Invoice" rather than "Download PDF"
  3. Corrected the handling of Telrad IMSI into MAC Address conversion behavior
  4. Improved Global Search behavior to allow for searching of RADIUS accounts and opening the attached account from the search results
  5. Corrected cases where "Statement" was being incorrectly labeled as "Invoice"
  6. Included the user's display name as part of the Action History when viewing logs

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that was preventing users from separating an inactive account from its serviceable address through disconnection
  2. Fixed an issue where editing a company and setting it as the new default company for the instance would display both the original and edited company as the default company
  3. Fixed an issue where services added to an account with a price override and quantities above 1 would calculate their totals incorrectly
  4. Fixed an issue where the "Paginator Size" field would not update the number of items displayed per page for an account
  5. Fixed an issue where attempting to paste an image into a ticket reply would hang indefinitely
  6. Fixed an issue where the IP Address Management Interface on any account wasn't displaying IP assignee history
  7. Fixed an issue preventing users from editing the metadata for a service once the service was added to an account
  8. Fixed an issue with the way transactions are handled between parent and child accounts, which was sometimes causing an incorrect running balance to be displayed for the child account
  9. Fixed an issue where email message content created in French, or with French characters, would break email message functionality on the instance
  10. Fixed an issue that was sometimes preventing the correct results from being displayed, when searching by ID
  11. Fixed an issue where IP addresses captured by Option 82 wouldn't read the leased MAC address and would therefore change the IP assignment
  12. Fixed an issue where custom fields on account contacts were missing from the contact edit screen

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