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Release Notes

Kristen Fiddes Updated by Kristen Fiddes

06/18/2024 20:00 CDT


  1. Introduced the ability to add Subnet Polling ID and Priority to Reports
  2. Enhanced the relational data included in Map Exports
  3. Provided the capability to hide Tower Coverage submissions

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved an issue where Snowflake was missing some sync updates when records were continually being updated
  2. Fixed an issue where fractional tax transactions would not update when using Avalara as a tax processor

06/11/2024 19:46 CDT

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where credit cards with an expiry date within the current year were unable to be added via the customer portal — this fix is live for any customer portals on the next version

06/06/2024 15:55 CDT

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved an issue where some monthly invoices were not sent due to deleted DID numbers being improperly handled in the invoice processing

06/04/2024 19:34 CDT


  1. Enhanced the workflow for adding a new data service (or a package with data included) when there is already an existing one on an account — now the add service/package modal will inform you that the existing data service will be automatically removed and any proration values set for the new service/package will apply to the removal as well

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the selected 'Required Password Strength' option for the portal was not being enforced correctly
  2. Resolved an issue where the triggers 'A Payment Succeeded' and 'A Payment Failed' would not populate data to successfully create an SMS triggered message
  3. Fixed an issue where the option 'Email Invoice' on a customer account would not factor in the configured bill mode and instead would send an invoice even if statement was selected

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