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Release Notes

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Update 05/17/2022 20:07 CDT


  1. Added the physical address to the Child Accounts table within an account
  2. Added support for the Indian Rupee currency

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the Schedule Blocker permissions were appearing under Jobs when creating/editing a Role

Update 05/11/2022 22:01 CDT

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where account creation was failing when contact custom fields were not populated
  2. Fixed a layout issue found in some forms

Update 05/10/2022 19:57 CDT


  1. Enhanced output to include an informative message if certain billing actions fail due to a lock conflict
  2. Updated the Create Account form to include any custom fields for contacts

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue in the Taxes table in Settings where the value displaying the number of Geo Tax zones linked to the tax was maxing out at 50, even if there were more Geo Tax zones associated. The value will now reflect the actual total
  2. Fixed an issue when attempting to delete a job it would fail due to an issue with reordering the child tasks
  3. Fixed an issue where consuming a generic inventory item would not provide a user friendly successful message
  4. Fixed an issue where the model fields would run outside the Create Item modal when adding inventory items for a model with many model fields
  5. Fixed an issue where parent tickets could be merged into other tickets, losing the link to the child. Attempting to merge a parent ticket into another will prevent the merge and prompt a message
  6. Fixed an issue where exported data would not match the table data after entering a simple text search in the filters
  7. Fixed an issue where some existing data may not be returned in a query
  8. Fixed an issue where the All jobs list in Scheduling would incorrectly include failed jobs against the successfully completed count. The values will now correctly reflect the successfully completed jobs
  9. Fixed an issue where some Geo Taxes linked to services were not applying to all applicable accounts after making adjustments to the taxes
  10. Fixed an issue where voice service generic parameters (lines and PBX seats) would not get prorated if their base service was free
  11. Fixed an issue where not selecting an assignee when creating generic inventory items would not provide a user friendly error message. Providing the assignee is now mandatory when creating generic inventory items
  12. Fixed an issue where the integration with MarketBroadband was not working

Update 05/04/2022 21:58 CDT

Bug Fix

  1. Fixed an issue where the payment amount was not displaying within the Transaction table on Accounts

Update 05/03/2022 18:33 CDT


  1. Adjusted the Assignment History table in Account Network & Inventory tab to sort assignments descending by the created date
    1. The table will now display the most recent assignments at the beginning
  2. Adjusted the Transactions table on an Account to better reflect Price Overrides
  3. Updated the inventory items Simple Filters to filter down the Inventory Models list when a manufacturer is selected

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the menu was missing when accessing the customer portal on a mobile device
  2. Fixed an issue where payment receipts would not be emailed to the customer when a payment was made through the customer portal
  3. Fixed an issue where tasks added from a task template would not appear in the specified order within the task list
  4. Fixed an error in generating invoices when ‘Apply Late Fees’ was enabled, but no Late Fee Service was selected
  5. Fixed an issue where some failed auto pay credit card payments were retrying multiple times in succession and not adhering to the ‘Auto Pay Credit Cart Attempts’ / ’Auto Pay Credit Card Retry Interval In Days’ setup in Billing Settings
  6. Fixed an issue where attempting to create an ACH Batch would produce an error when the ‘BMO Harris 80 Byte Canadian ACH format’ Bank Account Processor was in use
  7. Updated the add/edit Services modal in settings to show the correct label for taxes
  8. Fixed an issue where pressing shift key twice when typing within an input field in Firefox would incorrectly open Global Search
  9. Fixed an issue where a role with only the ‘View All Network Sites’ permission could not view the detail view of a Network Site

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