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Update 9/20/2022 18:56 CDT


  1. Subscribers will now only be created in Calix SMx when they have both a Calix Service and Calix Inventory assigned
  2. Added the ability to sort the technician list by User ID in the Dispatcher View for Scheduling

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the activity logs for a service would display adjustments to taxes after any change to a service, even if the taxes were not adjusted
  2. Fixed an issue where the Serviceable Address table in Settings did not have a direct link to the address page
  3. Fixed an issue where a link to the sidebar was missing from the Credits table for an applicable transaction
  4. Fixed an issue where the sidebar would be blank for tickets with no assignee

Update 9/13/2022 20:25 CDT

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with discount amounts on child account transaction lists resulting in incorrect running balances
  2. Fixed Graphql bug when querying inventory model min/max
  3. Fixed an issue where payments could not be submitted if the system time zone was ahead of UTC time

Update 9/8/2022 18:13 CDT

New Features

  1. Introduced new sidebar functionality
    1. Removed the requirement to go through the sidebar to access new pages through tables. You can now click on the main entity to access the page in one click
    2. The sidebar can be accessed through a new caret (>) button on the tables
    3. Tabs have been added to the sidebar allowing you to view all relevant details without having to open multiple, separate sidebars
    4. To read about the new functionality in more detail, please view the documentation here: Introducing the New Sidebar

Update 9/06/2022 19:32 CDT

New Features

  1. Introduced "Update a job skipping validation" role permission
    1. Users with this permission will be able to override any scheduling violations when scheduling a job

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issues with some radius session history not appearing in Sonar
  2. Fixed an issue that prevented the cloning of a job when adding a note to a job that did not previously have a note
  3. Fixed an issue where subsequent LTE provider synchronizations would fail after experiencing an error during a sync
  4. Fixed an issue where monthly accounting period close would incorrectly close at the end of the 1st of the month instead of at the end of the last day of the month

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