Ticketing: Overview

This document provides a general overview of the ticketing system within Sonar as well as ways to interact with tickets and ticket features.

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Canned Replies Examples & Templates

This article walks you through the process of creating Canned Replies - highlighting the use cases and providing links to the detailed examples page.

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Canned Reply Categories

This article details the steps required to create a Canned Reply category from start to finish. It also provides examples of common Canned Reply categories used in customer instances.

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Inbound Mailboxes Example Build

Configuring an inbound mailbox allows you to receive incoming email directly into Sonar, which can be automatically converted into public tickets within the system. This article outlines how inbound mailboxes work and also how you can set one up yourself.

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Ticket Categories Best Practices & Example Build

This article details the process behind creating a new ticket category in addition to providing some examples of common ticket categories.

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Ticket Groups To Consider

This article discusses the creation of ticket groups, providing use cases for various groups, and examples of common public and private groups.

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Using Parent Tickets

Parent tickets allow you to link multiple tickets together within Sonar's ticketing interface. This document provides an overview on how to set up parent tickets, how you can interact with them, and communications with parent tickets.

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