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FCC Broadband Data Collection (BDC) Filings: How Sonar Can Help

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Since 1999, US telecommunications providers have been beholden to the FCC's 'Form 477' reporting. Sonar has assisted with this by providing data exports tailored to these bi-annual filings. New for 2022, the FCC has introduced the Broadband Data Collection (BDC) Program. This new program is positioned to eventually replace the Form 477 program, however an official sunset date for Form 477 has yet to be announced.

The reports called for by the BDC program bear strong resemblance to the Form 477 reports, but with some important differences and additions. The below table breaks down this info, as well as explains any planned changes to Sonar's current FCC Data Exports.

BDC Filing Section

Can Sonar Generate Report?

Sonar Report File Name from FCC Data Export


Entity Identification



The Entity Information CSV file contains a list of information about the submitting company. Most of this information is not stored in Sonar, and once this file has been created, its details will rarely require updating.

Fixed Broadband Availability & Supporting Data



This report looks for a specifically detailed listing of all locations that are theoretically serviceable by the ISP, as well as the highest speeds offered at each location. Because Sonar only stores info pertaining to currently serviced locations, this is not something we can provide holistically. The "Deployment_Data.csv" data export we provide may prove helpful in starting to assemble info on your existing deployment areas, if you do not have this data available in another system.

Fixed Broadband Subscription



We have updated the Technology Code options for selection on Data Service to include corresponding options for codes 61 & 71. These new codes were introduced as part of the original BDC requirements. We will also be adding the newly announced Code 72 (Licensed-by-Rule Terrestrial Fixed Wireless), and will pdate this article once this change has been deployed.

Fixed Voice Subscription (Tract-level)



We are currently updating this report to take into account "Lines" and "Seats" account voice service detail data. We will update this article once this change has been deployed.

Please note that the above table only speaks to the BDC report filings required for "Facilities-based Providers of Fixed Broadband Service" and "Providers of Interconnected VoIP Service", as these provider types are what apply to the features and workflows that Sonar's software has been tailored to. The below table shows the other Provider Types that fall under BDC filing requirements, and the additional reports that are applicable to them. None of these additional reports can be generated via data exports from Sonar.

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