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Best Practices for Fast Tracking a Support Request

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There are several different ways to contact the Sonar Support Team. This will provide you the information necessary to expedite your Support Requests.

Using the Phone Support

Sonar offers regular phone support Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. Support can be reached via the US at 702.447.1247 or via the Canadian at 780.990.1180. We also offer limited Spanish support upon request and per availability. 

We also do offer Emergency Support 24/7 at a rate of $100 per an hour with a minimum of 1 hour.

When to Use Phone Support

  • It requires an immediate answer.
  • Too complicated to explain by ticket.
  • Need to speak with a specific team member. 
  • An urgent instance issue, like your instance is offline.

Using Ticket Support (

The Support team endeavors to respond to all tickets/emails within 24 to 48 business hours. 

To expedite responses, please include the following in your ticket.

  • Your Company if not using the company email. A gmail account or emailing from a different company makes it difficult for the team to determine what company is looking for help.
  • Create a new email or ticket for a new topic. Do not open a billing ticket and then 3 months later reopen the ticket to ask about a pulse map question.
  • Be as specific on the issue or problem and what is expected. The Support team is looking for exactly what the error or issue is and what. Example: I reviewed our billing today and no invoices were generated or sent out. I expected 100 bills to go out. 
  • Include an example of the account or network in issue. For example, if a bill was not generated for a customer, please tell us John Smith / Account 100 did not generate a bill. 
  • Include any errors you receive.  A snapshot of the error in question or a copy of the error code is always helpful.
  • Provide clear deadlines. My poller needs to be setup by Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. CST.

Using Sonar Forums and Facebook Group for Support Requests

The Forum and Facebook Group are checked daily, unlike the Support emails/tickets that are monitored during business hours. Many times a specific question would require additional information that a client may not want to share with the entire Sonar customer base. Sonar recommends that specific support questions be directed to the Support team via

Using Individual Support team member emails for Support Requests

Sending an email to individual Support team members can occasionally offer a clear advantage. Under circumstances where a problem is specific or intermittent, having one support agent take accountability for the problem from start to finish offers the greatest chance of minimizing frustration and lowering resolution time.

However, by limiting your interactions to a single support team member you're at the mercy of a single agent's bandwidth. By sending an email to you interact with a large customer support team equally capable of solving that problem. Unless the problem is intermittent or requires specific company knowledge, sending an email to our support email will accelerate the support you receive as it is monitored by a large team of highly qualified agents. To experience the best and fastest customer experience, send all your inquiries to our support email.

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