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Customizing your Customer Portal

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While Sonar provides a pre-built Customer Portal which can be tied to your instance and used to provide more control to your customers, we don't want to limit your creativity, branding, or control how your customers access their information. The Sonar Customer Portal code repository is available on, and you're welcome to fork or clone this repository in order to modify the underlying code to suit your needs.

Don't modify the files inside the existing Docker Container without redirecting the GitHub link, as updates will overwrite all changes during an update

Cloning the Repository

For cloning the repository to make minor changes, you can follow the guide below:

  1. git clone the portal onto a droplet
droplet# git clone
  1. Modify the Docker Compose file:
droplet# nano ./customer_portal/docker-compose.yml
  1. Change image name in Docker Compose file from

"image: sonarsoftware/customerportal:stable'"

to a unique name. In this example, we'll be changing in to "image: customized:stable"

  1. Remove the lines containing "watchtower"
Currently this occupies line 40-45, however it's important to note these line numbers may change as updates are made to the portal.

40 watchtower:

41 image: v2tec/watchtower

42 restart: always

43 volumes:

44 - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock

45 command: sonar-customerportal

  1. Save the modified "docker-compose.yml"

Customization Example: Remove the ability to delete a payment method

  1. Enter the source file to the specific location housing billing parameters:
droplet#nano ./customer_portal/resources/views/pages/billing/index.blade.php
  1. Remove lines 321-326 & 391-396 (inclusive)
  2. Save "Index.blade.php"



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