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Invoice Messages: Overview & Use Cases

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Invoice messages allow you to have a message of 255 characters or less automatically added to invoices for certain account types. Only one invoice message can be configured per account type and this feature is typically used to print special messages to certain types of accounts (i.e. government or commercial accounts) that are required to be there in order for payment to be received.

When manually creating an invoice for an account, if you add a message through the "Print Message" option it will overwrite any applicable invoice message that is currently in place.

How to Add an Invoice Message

To add an invoice message:

  1. Navigate to the Invoice Messages screen, located under "Financial" within the Settings menu
  2. Click "Create Invoice Message"
  3. From within the Create Invoice Message window that appears, complete all of the required fields
    1. Message: this field is used to type in the message that you would like to appear on the invoices
    The invoice message must be between 1 and 255 characters.
    1. Name: the name is not visible on the invoice, but is used to provide a descriptive name for the message internally
    2. Account Types: from this drop down you can select which account type(s) this invoice message should appear for
    Only one invoice message can be set up per account type. If you select an account type that already has an invoice message applied to it, the account type will immediately be removed from the previous invoice message and applied to the new invoice message instead.
  4. Once you have completed the required fields, click "Create" from within the Create Invoice Message window
  5. The newly created invoice message will now appear in the table on the Invoice Messages screen
    To the right of the message are additional actions you can take, such as creating a new account type (without needing to navigate away from the Invoice Messages screen), editing or deleting the message (through the downward arrow menu), and viewing the details of the message (through the sideways arrow at the far right).
The number within the grey bubble (to the left of the ID column) represents the number of account types that this invoice message is currently applied to. Clicking on the bubble will display a sub-table where you can view details of the account type(s), as well as edit or delete them.

What Your Customers Will See

After an invoice message has been created, it will be applied on all invoices that are generated going forward for the applicable account type(s). The message will appear directly below the 'Total due by' summary box, as can be seen in the image below.

A PDF version of the above example invoice can also be viewed or downloaded here.

Example Use Cases

Below are a few example use cases of how you might utilize invoice messages within your company:

  • To highlight your company's cancellation policy with a link of where they can learn more/view the finer details
  • Informing customers of certain policy changes and/or when they will be taking effect
  • Providing customers with a course of action if they need to file a billing dispute
  • Instructing your customers to pay online with a link to your customer portal

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