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How to Request Termination of your Sonar Instance

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At Sonar, we consider your organization our partner, not just our customer. That's why we strive to make you grow and succeed, and why we hope that instance termination is a last resort after all other avenues have failed.

If you're requesting termination due to issues with your instance or features within Sonar, we hope that you've reached out to support and escalated the issue. If you haven't yet, please escalate the issue and we'll do our best to get it resolved.

Information Needed to Request Instance Termination

Before sending a ticket to our support team to request instance termination, please make sure you have the following information:

  1. Your instance URL [instance name]
    If you're requesting the termination of multiple instances, you'll want to make sure each URL is included in the email.
  2. The reason you're requesting the termination of your instance
    Providing a reason gives us a chance to resolve your issue with Sonar, or improve Sonar in the future to hopefully bring you back.

Sending the Request

Once you have the information gathered, you'll need to send an email to the support team ( To cancel your services with Sonar, please include a signed letter on your company's letterhead as an attachment to the email. The information that this letter should contain is outlined below:

The letter must be signed by the primary contact on file with Sonar and a termination request cannot be accepted if it's sent as the body of an email.

  1. Your instance URL to be terminated
  2. Reason for your termination
  3. Date of which you want your instance terminated
  4. Acknowledgement that you are aware we will completely terminate your company's instance on the requested date, removing all data and configuration
Sonar will not store any backups of your instance, which means if you do return after your termination has been processed, you'll need to start with no data.

Caveats to Instance Termination

For us to terminate your instance, your account must be up-to-date with no outstanding balances. If you have a balance due, we will not terminate your instance until your account has a zero balance. You will continue to be charged at your standard monthly rate.

A request to terminate your instance does not void any contract that was signed.

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