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Basic Company Setup

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Adding a company to Sonar

Adding at least one company to Sonar is required in order to add and bill customers, however additional Companies can be added as required. When adding a company several pages need to be configured to make sure you can use this company with customer accounts.

  1. The Companies page
  2. Services
  3. Email Domains

Filling out the Company Information

Creating a company requires completion of the company information screen located under Settings -> Companies.

This information screen will allow you to manage your company details for physical location, and what customers will pay to for e-check and check payments. The company configuration page contains several mandatory fields to provide the basic setup for your company, and also contains even more optional fields, both of which will be detailed below.

Name, Website, and Default

The two check boxes at the top - Enabled & Default determine whether the company can be selected and whether it is used for new accounts and services by default, respectively.

The color selection allows you to customize the color associated with the company - allowing easy sorting at a glance of the various companies when they're shown together. For example, when looking at accounts in the Account List View, the company colors will be displayed beside the company name.

Invoice Configuration

The Invoice configuration determines what is shown on customer invoices. The remittance slip is standard, attached to the invoice - displaying "Checks Payable to" and allowing your customer to enter the amount enclosed.

The "Checks Payable to" field allows you to modify the business name which appears on the invoice. This allows you to have a distinct company name in Sonar, while having the legal business name on the invoice.

If filled out, the Tax Identification filed will display your business' tax identification number on the invoice.

Address Configuration

The address fields are where you enter the physical (or registered) location of the company being created, including any unit number. This information will be displayed on the invoice and on the remittance slip received by the customer.

Extra Configuration

The Logo section allows you to customize the appearance of your business' logo as it appears on the invoice. The logo image must be under 2MB in order for the upload to succeed.

Although the system should accept any image under 2MB, the invoices where this logo will upload are optimized for an image that is 230 x 100 pixels.

The Customer Portal URL configured here is used to complete the *|CUSTOMER_PORTAL_URL|* email variable

To configure the Customer Portal, head over to the checklist article

Finally, the Custom Fields section allows you to enter the custom fields created in your instance to display their information on the invoice. This is commonly used for fields such as Account Manager.

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