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Email Invoice Batch: Overview

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The Email Invoice Batch tool is used to resend all automatically generated invoices for a specified date, to all eligible contacts. An eligible contact is defined as any account contact that has the Financial email category applied to them. Typically, you will only use this tool when an issue prevented the invoices from being automatically emailed out at the time they were generated, such as an email server outage.

The Email Invoice Batch tool will only email out invoices that were created by the automatic billing - it will not send out manually created invoices.

Once a date is selected, all automatically generated invoices for that date will be sent, regardless of the amount remaining due or any other variables.

For a deeper dive into email categories, jump over to the Email Categories: Overview & Use Cases documentation.

Creating an Email Invoice Batch

The email message that the customer will receive, along with the invoice, will be the triggered email associated with the "Billing runs successfully for an account" trigger.

If you do not already have a triggered email setup for that specific event trigger, take a look at our Triggered Emails: Setup documentation here first.

To create an email invoice batch:

  1. Click "Billing Tools" from the left-hand menu
  2. Click the "Email Invoice Batch" tile
  3. From the Email Invoice Batch screen, use the Date field to select the date you wish to send out the invoices for
  4. Click "Create"

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