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User Specific Resources

Below are links to documents that are specific to the typical users you will have within your Sonar instance; for example, customer service representatives, billing administrators, field technicians, etc. We recommend using these sets of resources as a jumping-off point when beginning to familiarize yourself or your employees with Sonar V2.

If you are looking for content that is not covered in the links below, or you are just interested in browsing, take a look at the various articles available in our Sonar Knowledge Base!

Quick Start

If you are looking for a more general overview of main topics and functions within Sonar, we suggest starting with the Quick Start guide. Otherwise, head to the User Specific Resources section below to find resources targeted towards specific types of users.

Defined as: individuals needing an overview of main topics and functions within Sonar.

User Specific Resources

Through the links below, you will find a more tailored set of resources, specific to the type of user within your company and Sonar instance.

Billing Administrator

Defined as: individuals responsible for applying payments, performing adjustments, making bank deposits, and overall ensuring that customers are being billed accordingly.

Customer Service Representative

Defined as: individuals responsible for taking customer calls, dealing with tickets, and troubleshooting issues to ultimately provide a positive customer experience.


Defined as: individuals that are in charge of scheduling jobs, coordinating technicians and managing their schedules, and ensuring that required work is being completed.

Field Technician

Defined as: individuals responsible for performing work in the field, such as installations, equipment provisioning and setup, and service calls, as scheduled by the dispatcher.

Inventory Admin

Defined as: individuals responsible for managing supplies in one or more locations and processing orders to maintain stock levels.

Network Admin

Defined as: individuals responsible for deploying and maintaining network systems and equipment both in-house and in the field.

Sales Agent

Defined as: individuals concerned with identifying potential customers, establishing and maintaining positive business relationships, and ultimately growing the company's customer base.

Instance Admin

Defined as: individuals responsible for the initial set up of their instance, as well as handling any configuration changes.

It is highly recommended that this individual has Super Admin privileges. For an in-depth look at user roles and permissions click here.

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