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sonarPay Chargebacks & Disputes: Overview

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sonarPay offers the ability to view and track the status of your chargebacks and disputes within your Sonar instance.

You are still required to navigate to your sonarPay instance to respond to a Dispute. Native dispute responses are upcoming.


To view sonarPay chargeback and disputes within your instance, the corresponding role permission must be enabled first. Please take a moment to review this permission, and ensure that the relevant roles have it added before proceeding.

If you're a Super-Admin of your Sonar instance, no permission changes are required for your account. For more information on Roles and Permissions overall, please review this linked article.

Navigate to Settings → Security → Roles and either choose to edit an existing Role or create a new Role. When the next page populates, locate the permissions reflected in the screenshot below and add it if applicable to that Role.


This is a sonarPay exclusive feature and will not be accessible without enrolling with sonarPay.

To view the sonarPay Chargebacks & Disputes Overview page, navigate to Billing ToolsChargebacks & Dispute Handling.

The information displayed on the Overview page of Chargebacks & Dispute Handling is provided to you with a simple structure to easily navigate through.

  1. Overview Header: This header explains the meaning of a Chargeback or Dispute. To respond to a dispute, a link is provided within this header to access your portal.
  2. Filter Panel: This panel contains various filters that can be applied, as well as a text-based search bar, to drill down and limit the data to only what you are interested in viewing. Through the Simple/Advanced toggle, you can perform a simple or advanced search. And through Saved Views, you can select from prepopulated filter configurations to be automatically enabled; along with prepopulated views, this section also holds any private saved views you've created, and any public saved views in your instance. For more information on using filters, take a look at our Filtering: Simple vs Advanced article.
    1. The default filtering for the Chargeback & Disputes table is by the “Reply by” column. Providing you with a view of your dispute response times that are overdue or coming close to being overdue, at the top of the table.
  3. sonarPay ID Column: This column displays the sonarPay ID that is established with your dispute. Clicking on this option will open additional details about the dispute, then clicking the sonarPay ID again within the dropdown will open the sidebar with further details.
  4. Cycle Column: This column allows you to view what stage the dispute is in. There are 6 stages in a dispute which are Retrieval, First Chargeback, Representment, Pre-Arbitration, Arbitration, and Reversal.
  5. Reason Column: This column allows you to view the reason the dispute has been made.
  6. Amount Column: This column provides the total amount that is being disputed.
  7. Payment Column: This column allows you to view the payment method that was used for the transaction that is being disputed.
  8. Company Column: This column allows you to view the company associated with the transaction being disputed.
  9. Account ID Column: This column shows you with the account that is associated with the dispute.
  10. Reply By Column: This column allows you to view the reply by date for your dispute. Dates are color coded depending on the remaining time left for a reply to be made. Red = the reply by date has passed, and your response is overdue, Yellow = response within 1 week is needed, Grey = over 1 week to respond.
    1. If a response is not given to a Dispute stage request by the provided due dates given to each Chargeback process, the Issuer will automatically decide for either Won or Lost status for the Chargeback. The Issuer will typically make a final decision in favor of the Cardholder when there is no response to a request after the First Chargeback stage.
  11. Status Column: This column allows you to view the status of your dispute. The status' that will be viewable are Open, Won, Lost, and Closed.

Individual Dispute Details Management Page

To view the individual Dispute Management page, click the sonarPay IDsonarPay IDManage.

Selecting any of the text that is in blue with the “→” to the right of the text, will open the sidebar providing you details for that individual item.

Clicking on Manage, in the sidebar, will open the Management page for that individual dispute. This page provides you with the details associated with that specific dispute.

Account View

To view a dispute on a specific account, click on the Account Name under the Account ID column. This will open the overview page for the account. Selecting the Billing Tab, then the Transaction sub-tab, will provide you with a visual to see the transaction that is being disputed.

Under the Type column, the label will change to Payment: Dispute and be colored yellow, to clarify which transactions are under a dispute for that account. Clicking the Date for the line item will provide a dropdown with details for the individual dispute.


To ensure you receive notifications for a dispute, navigate to your User ProfileNotifications. This is where you can select the type of notification you wish to receive, if any, through the “Email Me”, “In-App Notification”, and “SMS” toggles.

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