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Finding your OIDs

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Before taking a look at the OIDs, make sure you've taken a look at the Building a Monitoring Template article

Once a Monitoring Template has been created, and your graphs have been generated, you can now tie in specific OIDs (Object Identifier) to be graphed. Each manufacturer and model supports different OIDs and thus we need to make sure we are inputting the correct OIDs to be monitored. Most manufacturers provide you with a MIB file that can be opened with special browser to find the correct OID. To find the MIBs you can go to the manufacturers website and download them.


Go to Ubiquiti website and choose the correct model. Click on the firmware version you are on and then click on download SNMP MIBs.

Ubiquiti Firmware Download


You can download Mikrotik MIB by going to their wiki page and under the Management Information Base, click on Router OS MIBs.


Cambium hosts all their MIBs online which can be viewed online.

Cambium MIBs

MIB Browser

You also need to download a MIB browser to open and find the correct OIDS from the MIBs. There are many MIB browsers but we will use Ireasoning Free MiB Browser:

Ireasoning Mib Browser

Install the MIB browser and then go to File and Load the MIB file you downloaded. Open the MIB file by going to File> Load MIBS and then by going down the new MIB tree until you find the correct stat you want to gather information about. The OID will be listed on the bottom left side with the name of the OID.

Once you've found your OIDs, head back to the Monitoring Template article for instructions on customizing your graphs, found here | Building a Monitoring Template

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