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Controlling Your Landing Page: Personal Preferences

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Each user in Sonar can perform their day-to-day tasks in individually unique ways. Whether you manage your entire instance, or responsibilities are divided across your organization, controlling your experience is key to working efficiently. This article details the process for controlling your landing page.

Other organization and customization controls are available in the Notification Preferences article.

The “Default page on login” button is located in the user profile page, accessible by clicking on your user icon:

This will bring you directly to the User Profile page, where you'll find the Personal Preferences section.

The dropdown contained in this section allows you to set your desired initial access page.

By default, all users accessing the Sonar instance will be loaded into the Accounts page until they modify the setting here.

The following options are available from the dropdown:

  1. Last visited page
    1. This will bring you to the last page you were on when you logged out, with some exceptions. For example, due to the nature of navigation in Sonar, you'll be returned to an account's Overview page, even if you were in a subsection.
  2. User Profile
  3. Accounts
  4. Billing Tools
  5. Communication Tools
  6. Ticketing
  7. Scheduling / All Jobs
  8. Scheduling / Dispatcher View
  9. Scheduling / Week View
  10. Network
  11. IP Address Management (IPAM)
  12. Inventory
  13. Purchase Orders
  14. Map (Beta)
  15. Reports
  16. Sonar Billing
  17. Settings

User variability

The list provided represents the complete availability for default pages. However, this list will vary based on individual user permissions. For an item to be populated in the dropdown, your user role must have the appropriate permissions. A user without permission to access the scheduling module, for example, would be unable to set their default page upon login to any of the "Scheduling" options, as they will not be present.

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