Sonar IP Addressing

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Unlike the legacy version of Sonar, Sonar V2 exists as a series of containers within Azure, with front end devices and NAT handling traffic flow (see our blog post for details). Therefore, all Sonar V2 instances located in our US Azure data center have these ingress and egress IP addresses:

  • Ingress/Inbound IP Address: (a.k.a.,
  • Egress/Outbound IP Address: (a.k.a.,



Ingress / Inbound

These terms are synonymous - they both represent the address you would “point at” if you were initiating a connection that was from outside the instance but destined to the instance.

Egress / Outbound

These terms are synonymous - they are used to define the address that you would expect to see when the instance initiates traffic destined for somewhere outside of the instance.

Looker SFTP IPs:


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