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Canned Reply Categories

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What are Canned Reply Categories?

Put simply, Canned Reply Categories contain and organize the Canned Replies that will be created in your instance. Canned Reply Categories serve to identify the types of Canned Replies that will be created - for example, a Canned Reply providing generic instructions for rebooting a router would likely exist under a "Support" Category.

To create a Canned Reply Category, log into your instance and head to Settings -> Ticketing -> Canned Reply Categories, then click on Create, as shown below:

Canned Reply Categories act as a filter during ticket replies, allowing you to quickly look through a list of Canned Replies and identify the correct one. Once a Canned Reply Category is created, it can be assigned to specific Canned Replies, as seen in the example below.

Canned Reply Build-Out

  1. Create & Name the Canned Reply Category. In this example, we'll be creating a Canned Reply Category for Support, and populate it with a Reply example:
  2. Create the Canned Reply, and assign it to the category you created:
  3. Then, once in a ticket, you can select the response from the Canned Replies

Canned Reply Categories Best Practices

  • Categories should roughly align with the most common call drivers. General Support, Billing, and Networking categories are very common.
  • The Category name doesn't need to be complicated. The simpler the category, the more easily you can sort it.

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