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CrowdFiber Integration

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What is CrowdFiber?

CrowdFiber is an address-driven sales and marketing automation platform for telecommunications providers. They provide software that helps internet service providers more efficiently market services and build networks, and is now available for integration within your Sonar Instance.

Integrating CrowdFiber within your Sonar instance gives you the tools to make sales or capture interests by using serviceable addresses.

CrowdFiber Prerequisites

The process to integrate this feature begins by contacting CrowdFiber. They will walk you through all the steps needed to complete the integration process.

This integration is not managed by Sonar. Management of the integrations relies solely on CrowdFiber.


As always, the first step in any integration is ensuring the relevant users can access it. Using CrowdFiber requires several permissions for applicable roles. Please take a moment to review these permissions and ensure that the relevant roles have them added before proceeding with any walkthrough steps.

If you're a Super-Admin of your Sonar instance, no permission changes are required for your account. For more information on Roles and Permissions overall, please review this linked article.
Expand to View Permissions Needed to Edit or Create a CrowdFiber Role

Navigate to Settings → Security → Roles and either choose to edit an existing Role or create a new Role. With the next page populated, locate the permissions reflected in the screenshot below and enable whichever ones are applicable to that Role.

Creating a Role Using GraphiQL

We also offer the ability to create these roles using the GraphQL API through the GraphiQL interface, available in your instance by accessing [your instance url]/graphiql.

mutation createNewRole($input: CreateRoleMutationInput) {
createRole(input: $input) {
"input": {
"name": "API_CrowdFiber",
"applied_permissions": [

Once your user is created, you will need to generate a personal access token within Sonar, which will be used on the CrowdFiber side to configure the integration.

CrowdFiber provides additional documentation within their Knowledge Base to further assist you.

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