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RemoteWinBox - Integration with Sonar

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At its core, RemoteWinBox is a 3rd-party tool that enables secure remote access to your MikroTik management interface, removing the need to configure a secure firewall and access list on your own. The RemoteWinBox/Admiral software offers many management shortcuts and advantages, which you can read more about here.

To better integrate your Sonar instance and customer base with RemoteWinBox, an integration is available to connect Sonar subscriber details with the RemoteWinBox software solution.

What The Integration Enables

Integrating RemoteWinBox and Sonar allows you to share and synchronize subscriber data with the RemoteWinBox platform. This means customer data can be accessed, and any clients added to Sonar will have near-instant access to the RemoteWinBox Subscriber Interface.

Configuring The Integration

These instructions are taken from RemoteWinBox, and are re-published here for accessibility. This integration is handled entirely within RemoteWinBox, and is built exclusively for Sonar V2.
  1. Start by logging in to your RemoteWinBox Dashboard.
  2. Click on Admin SettingsPlatform Credentials
  3. In your Sonar instance, generate a Personal Access Token. This will be copied and pasted into the first input field on the page in RemoteWinBox.
  4. Input the URL to your Sonar instance's GraphQL endpoint.
    1. e.g.,
  5. Click Update Credentials
  6. Look for a router that you’d like to synchronize billing data for, and click on the End User button:
  7. Input the billing customer ID for that router and click SYNCHRONIZE
  8. You can now invite your subscribers to have end-user view access with the click of a button. Customers' Address, Latitude, and Longitude will also update automatically if configured properly within Sonar.

For more information on how to use RemoteWinBox, or how to provide your customers access, check out their available documentation!

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