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sonarPay: Token Migration Process

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This article provides the steps for you to request a Token Migration from your current card processor.

Sonar does not own credit card information or have a relationship with your payment gateway/processor; therefore, you have two paths to updating or retrieving card data:

To expedite your request, you will need to include the AOC and Visa Global Registry documents within your initial email. An example email template can be found using this link.

Path 1: 

You will need to ask all subscribers to update their payment information in the customer portal. This would be an initiative on your part to roll out a communication plan and give your customers instructions on what to do and by when. 

Path 2: 

This request cannot be initiated by Sonar.
Your tokens may be stored under multiple groups or companies; ensure to check if that is the case and request all applicable tokens.

You can request a token extraction from your current processor/gateway provider.

Sonar will provide an email template (found below) that will assist in your request. This request should be emailed directly to your provider’s support team – not a sales rep. Please copy or loop in on this request to ensure a smooth handoff of information. In some cases, requests must be made within your provider's customer login portal by creating a support ticket. 

Processes vary by gateway. Below are the required steps for each of the following providers.





For customers in an onboarding process:
To expedite your onboarding, please provide the following:
1. A file of your tokens
2. Account IDs from your previous billing software.

This will be instrumental in our ability to accurately map your tokens and ensure a smooth and seamless onboarding experience. While this information should be requested at the same time as your credit card tokens from your previous processor, it should be provided in a separate file directly to your Implementation Project Manager. Requirements: 

When sending a request, provide as much information in the initial request as you can. This helps to expedite the transfer and removes unnecessary communication.

We recommend you include sonarPay's AOC and Global Registry information, as well as the Full PGP Key, which you will find below.
  1. Log in to your gateway.
  2. Navigate to “contact us” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on “support center” in the pop-up screen.
  4. Select the general support case.
  5. Request a credit card token extraction (MID and information will be populated because you're logged into your account).
Request for Data Extraction form will provide you with the following form to complete for your transfer request.
1. For the "Reason for Extraction", choose "switching to another provider" and in the space populated below that box, type in Payrix.
2. For the "Extraction Information" choose "Both" for services used.
3. When asked for number of records, type in "All".

A few things to note with this process:

  • This request comes with a $250 fee.
  • The process takes ~4–6 weeks. Extractions are only done 2x per month on a first come, first served basis.
  • A waiver is required to be signed before delivery of any information.
  • will provide you with an encrypted file.
  • will not provide information in a JSON format.
  • will not provide information to a third party email address, which means someone from your company will receive the information and then be required to forward the information to

Stripe Requirements:

When sending a request, provide as much information in the initial request as you can. This helps to expedite the transfer and removes unnecessary communication.

  1. You can initiate a data migration request or ask a data migration question via Stripe’s secure data migration request form
Please note: you must be logged into your Stripe account to access the form.

This form streamlines the account verification process and provides Stripe with all the relevant details needed for the migration.          

  1. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation that the form was received. Stripe will then follow up by email within the next 3 business days to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with the next steps for your migration process.

To meet PCI compliance obligations, Stripe can only transfer your card data to another PCI DSS Level 1-compliant payment processor, such as sonarPay.

Stripe requires the following information about sonarPay to complete this request:

Once you let Stripe know that your new payment processor is sonarPay, they can usually confirm if sonarPay meets the above requirements.

Stripe requires confirmation for the following items:
1. The account name.
2. The Migration type; respond with export.
3. The processor to export data to; respond with Payrix.
4. What payment types to export; respond with cards and ACH. If you do not accept ACH, then just respond with cards.
5. What file format you need for export; request JSON.
6. If you need a full or partial export; respond with full.
Migratable Data

Stripe can help you migrate your customer card information to sonarPay. To do this securely, Stripe prepares an encrypted JSON export file containing your data, including the card details of your customers, email addresses, and any attached metadata. Then, they can arrange a secure transfer with sonarPay, which sonarPay will use this file to import the data into our system. You can start the migration process by using the contact us option and providing Stripe with sonarPay's name as your new payment processor.

CardConnect Requirements:

  1. Log in to CardPointe.
  2. Create a new support ticket.
    1. The subject of the ticket should be “Credit Card Token Migration”.

A few things to note with this process:

  • You should hear back in ~5 business days with the next steps.
  • Fees are a case-by-case situation.
  • CardConnect will provide you with an encrypted file. 

ProPay Requirements: 

  1. You will need to open a ticket by sending an email to Client Support:
    1. The subject of the ticket should be “Credit Card Token Migration”, along with the company name and MID.
    2. Request a token extraction of your credit card data (reference the below template).
  2. A ticket will be opened, and a form will be sent to you to fill out. 

A few things to note with this process:

  • Fees are a case-by-case situation.
  • ProPay's Client Support number is 801-341-5312.

Moneris Requirements:

  1. You would have to contact the cancellations department and put in a request.
    1. Your request to do this could be done through your customer login via a support request to cancel services and extract their card tokens.
As a reminder, within your initial email, please include the AOC and Visa Global Registry documents to help expedite your request.

Here you can find our AOC and Visa Global Registry if a request is made by your current processor for this information.

Example of Token Extraction request:

Subject line: Token Migration request for Example ISP (example) MID:123456789 (example)

Hello [Gateway] Support, 

I’d like to request an export of all of my payment methods, including all Card and Bank data.

When the export is ready, please send the file to the following email address _______ in JSON format and reference my organization / merchant name. If you are not able to format in JSON, a CSV file is fine. 

Please encrypt using the Public Encryption Key (PGP) below. I have already included an AOC and Global Registry for your review to expedite this process.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Thank you,

John Smith 

PGP Public Key



















































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