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Printed Invoice Batches: Overview

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The printed invoice batch tool can be used to produce a single PDF document that contains all invoices generated for a specified date. In order for the invoice to be included in the generated PDF, the account they are associated with must have the preference for printed invoices enabled, under the account's billing configuration.

The Printed Invoice Batches tool will only include invoices that were generated as a result of automatic billing - if the invoice was manually created, it will not be included.

The size of these invoices is US Letter (8.5 inches x 11 inches/215.9mm x 279.4mm), and they are designed to be sent in a dual left window envelope. The remittance slip fits in a single left window envelope. If you are looking to include an envelope for the remittance slip, a #9 envelope should be sufficient to house the remittance slip while also fitting inside the envelope used for the outbound invoice (which are usually #10 envelopes).

To take a look at an invoice template, click here.

In accordance with USPS postal addressing standards, if a line 2 is present (for either the company address or customer address), it will appear appended to line 1 of the address.

For more information about invoices in Sonar, review the Invoices in Sonar: Examples, Creation & Contents document here.

Creating a Printed Invoice Batch

To create a printed invoice batch:

  1. Click "Billing Tools" from the left-side menu
  2. Click on the "Printed Invoice Batches" tile
  3. Click the "Create Printed Invoice Batch" button
  4. From within the Create Printed Invoice Batch window, use the Date selector to choose the date you wish to generate the invoices for
1. In the Create Printed Invoice Batch modal, you will see a callout indicating the format the batch will print in (one-sided or double-sided). In the event you want to change this, you can follow the Billing Settings link to quickly make an adjustment.

2. You will also have the option to exclude paid invoices (invoices with an amount remaining of $0); this can prevent you from printing off unnecessary invoices. If left unchecked, all invoices that were generated on the date selected (as a result of automatic billing) will be included in the printed batch.
If your billing parameters have Billing Day and Invoice Day set as different values, you will need to select the Invoice Day, not the Billing Day.
  1. Click "Create"
It may take some time to generate an invoice batch, depending on the quantity of invoices in the batch. Once you press "Create", the batch will be generated in the background and will become available in the Printed Invoice Batches table once complete.
  1. A single PDF document (that contains all invoices generated for the specified date) will appear in the table and be available to download.
Invoices will only be included if the account they are associated with has the preference for printed invoices enabled.
When an invoice is generated manually, it won't be included in a Printed Invoice Batch until automatic billing runs. This means that any invoice created in the middle of the day will not be printed until the following day.

Manual Printed Invoice Batches can be created to address this discrepancy.

Printed Invoice Fee

Sonar offers the ability to charge a fee for customers who opt to have their invoices printed. This fee is configured under your instance's billing settings and functions by being associated with a one time service - once automatic billing runs, the fee will be applied to any applicable customer accounts and show up as a transaction on the invoice.

As of 2014, the Telecommunications Act and Broadcasting Act, under Bill C-43, were amended to prohibit Canadian communications service providers from charging customers a fee to receive paper bills for wireless, Internet, telephone and television services.

Creating a Printed Invoice Fee

To create a printed invoice fee, you must first create the one time service that it will be associated with. The steps on how to complete this and enable the printed invoice fee are provided below:

Part 1: Creating the One Time Service
  1. Navigate to Settings > Billing > Services
  2. Click "Create One Time Service" from the top-right of the Services screen
  3. From within the Create One Time Service window:
    1. Ensure the Enabled box is checked
    2. Give your fee a name (i.e. 'Printed Invoice Fee')
    3. For the Application field, select 'Debit'
    4. In the Amount field, enter the amount in dollars you wish to charge for the fee
    5. Click "Create"
      For a more in-depth overview of services and how to create them, refer to the Services: Overview documentation here.
Part 2: Enabling the Printed Invoice Fee
  1. Navigate to Settings > Billing > Billing Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  3. Under Printed Invoice Fee Service, select the one time service you created in Part 1 above
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom-right side of the screen
    Only accounts that have the preference for printed invoices enabled will be charged the printed invoice fee.

    If a generated invoice has a $0 balance, the invoice fee will not be charged.
You can also set accounts to automatically be added to the printed invoice batch when they are created, through the use of billing defaults. To learn more about billing defaults, refer to our Billing Defaults documentation here.

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