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External Marketing Providers

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Read Time: 2 mins is currently the only external marketing provider that can be integrated within Sonar.

What is MarketBroadband?

MarketBroadband is an external marketing provider that Sonar offers the ability to integrate with. They are a marketing and fulfillment firm that specializes in multichannel marketing for ISP's; this can include anything from mailers to digital advertising. When this integration is enabled, Sonar will regularly upload lists of active, newly activated, and inactive customers to, allowing you to utilize this data to drive direct mail marketing efforts.

For additional information on MarketBroadband and what they offer, click here to take a look at MarketBroadband's website.

The Benefit of Integrating MarketBroadband

When integrated into your Sonar instance, MarketBroadband can effortlessly strategize how they market to potential customers by using a formula based on your existing customer database and serviceable addresses. With this information regularly synced, they can significantly lessen missed customer opportunities, while also ensuring you aren't targeting an area that you're unlikely to be able to service. From your Sonar instance, you can control the marketing radius around serviceable addresses in only a few simple steps.

How to Configure MarketBroadband

To start, navigate to Settings > Integrations > External Marketing Providers.

From here, you will see a list of any currently existing providers, as well as the option to create a new one. is currently the only external marketing provider that can be created within Sonar.

To configure a provider, click on Create External Marketing Provider. Within the new window that appears, you will be required to fill out the following fields.

  1. The Enabled button allows you to control whether this integration is actively being used or not.
  2. The dropdown below Provider lists the potential providers integrated with Sonar; in our example, we've selected and upon selection, the bottom two fields were populated.
  3. The account number field is mandatory, as your account cannot be integrated without it.
  4. radius mailing quantity is where you'll determine how many postcards would be mailed out per run.
How many postcards should be sent per mail run is calculated using the sum of the radius quantity X the # of addresses. For example, if you set your radius mailing quantity to 10 and 50 newly installed addresses are downloaded by, then 500 postcards would be mailed. If this radius quantity was lowered to 5, then 250 postcards would be mailed.
The minimum mailing amount is 250 postcards every 2 weeks.

Once the necessary fields are filled out, simply click “Create” and your integration of MarketBroadband will be complete!

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