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Building Packages

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Why use Packages

Packages within Sonar are a collection of services, and cannot be individually separated without altering the underlying package.

The Package allows you to build a group of services to sell as a promotion. For example, you could bundle TV and Internet service into a package and then add an expiring credit service to give $10 off for 6 months, or a recurring credit service to give a discount for having both services.

Effectively Combining Services

For perfect Package creation, it's important to understand the dos and don'ts of combining services. If you're slapping together services without thinking about the goal, your package will likely cause more problems than it solves.



Keep your target in mind – packages should have an audience just like your individual services

Overload every package with services. Some Packages may be as simple as a Data service and an equipment rental fee.

Take advantage of promotional pricing in packages. All Packages can be combined with expiring or recurring discounts.

Make a habit of setting manual prices on items that form a package. If there's an advertised price below the sum of the services, balance out the package with a discount

Use packages to bundle more services and attract customers. Offering promotional pricing on several services has been shown to attract a larger audience.

Modify existing packages and change the services. Take advantage of the "Enabled" toggle to prevent it from being selected, and create a new package

Make sure your billing support team knows about current packages, and how to apply them

Creating a Package

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select Billing.
  3. Click on Packages.
  4. Click on Create Package.

This opens the Package creation modal, which is used to set the services that will be part of the package.

  1. The Enabled checkbox allows you to activate or deactivate this package.
    When a package is disabled, it can no longer be added to accounts. However, any accounts subscribed to the package will maintain it until its removal from their account.
  2. The Name field allows you to set a customizable identifier for this package. This field will be displayed on the customer account and on the invoice.
  3. The Company dropdown will prevent any customers who aren't subscribers of that company from receiving this package.
  4. The Rollup Services checkbox determines whether the services added to the package will be listed in their entirety (when disabled) or hidden, showing only the package name (when enabled).
  5. The Services section allows you to add services to the package. Clicking on the "+" button in this section will add a new line that can be filled.
    1. Once a line is added, a "-" button will appear that can be used to remove that item.

Package Examples

Bundle Promotion

In this example, we apply a bundle discount of a set amount. Sonar isn't able to do percentage-based services, and so any discounts need to have a set dollar amount. If you would like a discount which is a percentage of the package costs, then the credit amount would need to be manually calculated.

Service Aggregation

In this example, an expiring discount has been added to the package as part of a temporary promotion. As this package is promotional, the specifics don't need to be included on the invoice - especially once the promotion expires.

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