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Getting Started with Ticketing

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Before you start using ticketing

Email Domains

This article describes the process for configuring Outbound Domains on a per-company basis within your instance, to customize and tailor the messaging experience when communicating with customers

Inbound Domains

This article describes the process of configuring Inbound email addresses on a per-company basis, simplifying the methods through which your customers can send a message.

User Permissions

This article describes the process of creating limited and defined User Roles, restricting access to certain portions of your instance to certain individuals (such as limiting access to tickets to only the support team)

Ticketing: General Overview

This article describes the General Intent of the ticketing feature within Sonar, explaining its key features and highlighting its usefulness

Making the most of ticketing

Canned Replies

This article presents some examples of Canned Replies that can be used to enhance the customer experience when handling common support or success questions.

Canned Reply Categories

This article provides some examples of Canned Reply categories, and how they can be used to refine the Canned Replies to make the process simpler for everyone.

Ticket Groups

This article describes some example Ticket Groups, which can be used to assign tickets to specific members of your organization.

Ticket Categories

This article describes the usage of Ticket Categories and how they can be used to supplement and improve the general ticket responses.

Advanced Ticketing Features

This article provides details on some advanced features available from within Sonar's ticketing interface.

Using Parent Tickets

Parent tickets allow you to link multiple tickets together within Sonar's ticketing interface. This document provides an overview on how to set up parent tickets, how you can interact with them, and communications with parent tickets.

Integrating Your Inbound Mailboxes with Slack

This article provides instructions on how to integrate your inbound mailboxes with Slack.

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