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Sonar's Security Practices & Certifications

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Best Practices for Fast Tracking a Support Request

This article provides instructions for contacting support.

Julianna Durie
Updated 1 month ago by Julianna Durie

How Sonar Bills Your Instance

A short summary of how Sonar prices your monthly subscription fees.

Alex Moore
Updated 10 months ago by Alex Moore

The Sonar Status Page

This article provides an overview of the Sonar Status page, as well as how you can subscribe to updates for any incidents or events that occur.

Morgan Wynnes
Updated 8 months ago by Morgan Wynnes

Feedback Portal / Suggest a Feature

This article provides an overview of the Feedback Portal and how you can utilize it to submit and upvote feature requests.

Rick Seemann
Updated 1 month ago by Rick Seemann

Sonar Casts Table of Contents

This article provides a link to each of our Sonar Cast videos and includes a brief description of the content included in each video.

Kristen Fiddes
Updated 1 week ago by Kristen Fiddes

How to Request Termination of your Sonar Instance

This article explains the process surrounding requesting the termination and cancellation of your Sonar instance.

Mitchell Paul-Soumis
Updated 1 year ago by Mitchell Paul-Soumis

Submitting Bugs vs. Feature Requests

This article provides details on when an issue should be classified as a bug or feature request, and outlines the fastest paths for resolution in each case.

Morgan Wynnes
Updated 2 years ago by Morgan Wynnes

Sonar to Sonar Instance Onboarding

This article provides details on how the Sonar team handles imports from one Sonar instance to another as well as important considerations for this process.

Alex Moore
Updated 4 months ago by Alex Moore

Third Party Customer Support Referrals

This article provides the details and contact information for companies that offer technical support services to existing Sonar customers.

Morgan Wynnes
Updated 9 months ago by Morgan Wynnes

Learning with Sonar: Tools and Resources

This article details the various learning resources available within your Sonar instance.

Kristen Fiddes
Updated 6 months ago by Kristen Fiddes