Working With the Sonar Team & Additional Resources

Sonar Security Certifications

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Best Practices for Fast Tracking a Support Request

This article provides instructions for contacting support.

Julianna Durie
Updated 7 months ago by Julianna Durie

How Sonar Bills Your Instance

A short summary of how Sonar prices your monthly subscription fees.

Alex Moore
Updated 3 months ago by Alex Moore

The Sonar Forum

This article provides an overview on the Sonar Forum and how it can be used.

Saied Ahadi
Updated 7 months ago by Saied Ahadi

Feedback Portal / Suggest a Feature

This article provides an overview of the Feedback Portal and how you can utilize it to submit and upvote feature requests.

Rick Seemann
Updated 7 months ago by Rick Seemann

Sonar Casts Table of Contents

This article provides a link to each of our Sonar Cast videos and includes a brief description of the content included in each video.

Kristen Fiddes
Updated 1 week ago by Kristen Fiddes

How to Request Termination of your Sonar Instance

This article explains the process surrounding requesting the termination and cancellation of your Sonar instance.

Mitchell Paul-Soumis
Updated 1 week ago by Mitchell Paul-Soumis

Submitting Bugs vs. Feature Requests

This article provides details on when an issue should be classified as a bug or feature request, and outlines the fastest paths for resolution in each case.

Morgan Wynnes
Updated 7 months ago by Morgan Wynnes

Learning with Sonar: Tools and Resources

This article details the various learning resources available within your Sonar instance.

Kristen Fiddes
Updated 5 months ago by Kristen Fiddes