Contract Templates

This article provides an overview on electronic contracts in Sonar, including how to create them, adding them to customer accounts, and the ways customers can interact with them.

Morgan Wynnes
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Invoice Attachment Use Cases & PDF Examples

An invoice attachment is a way to deliver non-billing information to an account in their next invoice. Steps on how to add an invoice attachment are included in this article, as well as examples of where this might be helpful.

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Invoice Messages: Overview & Use Cases

This article explains what invoice messages are, how they can be used, and how you can add them to your Sonar instance.

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FCC Form 477: General Overview and Usage

This article will provide some basic background on the FCC Form 477, and provide instructions on generating the report within Sonar.

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Invoices in Sonar: Examples, Creation & Contents

This article provides details on how invoices can be configured, customized and created within Sonar.

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