Account Types: Overview & Example Use Cases

Account types are used to categorize accounts based on common customer or business types. This article describes how to create account types, as well as why this is useful from a billing perspective.

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Account Statuses: Overview & Example Use Cases

In this article, we review account statuses, which allow you to control the activation and organization of an account.

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Account Management View: Overview

The account view screen is home to both current and historical information about the account and allows you to perform a variety of actions against an account. This article details all of the information and actions that are available from within this screen and how you can interact with it.

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Scheduled Events: Overview & Use Cases

Scheduled events are actions that you can automate within Sonar to have some sort of change occur automatically at a later date. They are configured individually per account and can be utilized to help make your normal processes more efficient.

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Notes & Tasks: Best Practices & Use Cases

Notes and tasks allow you to keep all employees on the same page with account related information and help to prevent any necessary tasks from being overlooked. This document contains details on each feature as well as the how-to's of setting them both up.

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Child Accounts: Best Practices & How Tos

Child accounts allow you to connect one or more accounts within Sonar, in a parent-child style relationship. This affects account transactions, invoices, and also comes with additional considerations with the account billing parameters that should be reviewed prior to using this functionality.

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Disconnecting an Account

Deletion of accounts is not supported within Sonar, however you can disconnect an account. This article provides the how-to for disconnecting accounts, as well as the results that this action has.

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Account List View: Overview

This article provides an overview of the information and features available from the account list view within Sonar.

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Account Groups: Overview & Example Use Cases

This article provides information on account groups: what they are, how to create them, and examples of how they can be used.

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Serviceable Addresses: Overview and Usage

This article will take you through the process of creating a new serviceable address, and explain its usage and some of its limitations.

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