Setting up an Outbound Email Domain

This article guides users on how to enable the Sonar instance to send emails using the specific domain set by the user.

Mitchell Paul-Soumis
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Triggered Emails: Setup

Triggered emails are an easy way to have customized emails sent out to customers automatically based on the occurrence of a particular event. This article details how to set up your own additional customized triggered emails.

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Call Logs: General Best Practices

Call logs allow users to record and collect data while on the phone with a customer. This article provides an overview of how call logs are used, as well as best practices for when using them.

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Using the Mass Email Tool

The Mass Email tool is used to contact a large number of customers at once through the instance. This article takes you through the process of creating and using Mass Emails.

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Email Messages: Example Content

This article contains commonly used content for email messages that can be used as templates.

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Email Variables

This article lists all available variables that can be used within Sonar, along with an explanation of what data the variables display, and where they can be accessed from.

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Trigger Explanations

This article defines the specific action for each triggered email that needs to happen in order for the emails to be sent out.

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