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Sonar Field Tech App: Beta Version

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The Sonar Field Tech app was designed for the purpose of streamlining workflow and eliminating obstacles commonly encountered by techs in the field, by providing a modern and flexible interface with everything you need to ensure customer satisfaction. With the Sonar Field Tech app, you can:

  • Get fingertip access to inventory and simplify equipment assignment
  • Make inventory adjustments on the fly with the in-app barcode scanner
  • Access critical information and tools, whether online or offline
  • View a complete overview of your jobs scheduled for the day
  • Use the GPS route guidance to arrive on time and avoid delays
  • Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork and duplicate data entry
  • And much more!
The Sonar Field Tech Mobile App requires an active V2 Sonar instance.

Beta vs. Production

The Sonar Field Tech app is currently available in both production and beta versions. For information on the production version, app functionality, and more, please refer to the article here: The Sonar Field Tech App.

The beta version is currently available for select candidates who are interested in trialing the new app versions and providing feedback based on their real-world experiences. Beta versions will be released on an ongoing basis; for iOS, you can select whether you want to be automatically updated to the latest version or just notified when a new version is released.

If, however, you wish to switch back to the production version, you can do so at any time.

  • For iOS, if you accepted the invitation but no longer wish to test the app, you can delete yourself as a tester on the app’s Information page in TestFlight by tapping "Stop Testing".
  • For Android, if you no longer want to use the Beta Version, open the Play Store, tap the Profile Icon, tap "Manage apps & devices", and then "Beta". Find the Sonar app, and under “You’re a beta tester," tap "Leave" and then "Leave".
The beta version of the app has not gone through the same level of testing as the fully released version, since it is still undergoing development and not fully complete. Please keep this in mind when considering the beta version for daily use.

If you are interested in using the beta version of the field tech app, please click one of the buttons below to proceed - you will be navigated to the appropriate screen where you can join the Sonar Field Tech beta.

For Android users, you can also access the beta version via the Google Play Store.

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