User Role Creation & Best Practices

This article will explain User Roles in your instance, provide examples on their usage, and detail their creation process.

Mitchell Paul-Soumis
Updated 4 months ago by Mitchell Paul-Soumis

Removing a Terminated Employee In Sonar

Although the actual deletion of users within Sonar is not supported, we provide the ability to disable a user instead. This article will walk you through the process of removing a terminated user in Sonar.

Morgan Wynnes
Updated 2 months ago by Morgan Wynnes

Password Policy In Depth

This article details Sonar's built-in and user-controlled password policy.

Mitchell Paul-Soumis
Updated 5 months ago by Mitchell Paul-Soumis

Application Firewall: General Overview and Best Practices

This article will take you through the basics of understanding the Web Application Firewall bundled into your Sonar instance, and explain some common mistakes that could prevent you from using it effectively.

Mitchell Paul-Soumis
Updated 1 day ago by Mitchell Paul-Soumis