How to Best Use Global Search

Global search is a helpful tool that will quickly and efficiently find what you are looking for within Sonar. From searching partial terms to specific entity IDs, global search will return all results relevant to what you are searching and also assist you with navigating to those results within the system.

Morgan Wynnes
Updated 1 month ago by Morgan Wynnes

How To Use GraphiQL to Understand the Sonar API

This articles describes the process to use the built in GraphQL IDE, as well as some example commands to learn GraphQL in Sonar.

Chris Trower
Updated 3 months ago by Chris Trower

Frequently Used Terms

This document contains various terms which are frequently used within Sonar. The term and explanation are provided, along with any available links to further details on the subject.

Morgan Wynnes
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API Calls Using Third Party Applications - Personal Access Tokens

The following article details the steps in creating a personal access token for use in creating an API integration with 3rd party software.

Alex Moore
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Filtering: Simple vs Advanced

This article provides details on how to use simple and advanced filters within Sonar.

Morgan Wynnes
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Customizing your Customer Portal

This article provides a series of commands which will assist you in customizing your Sonar Customer Portal to better suit your particular needs.

Mitchell Paul-Soumis
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