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September 2021 - Archived Release Notes

Simon Westlake Updated by Simon Westlake

Update 09/28/2021 17:49

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where renaming an LTE provider would not allow you to save the change unless the port number was also changed
  2. Fixed an issue that was causing the carriage return to be missed when adding in new inventory items via the barcode scanner

Update 09/21/2021 17:47

New Features

  1. Added the option to email a payment receipt to customers; the "Email Payment Receipt" checkbox is now present when creating a payment within Sonar
  2. Added the ability to exclude services from an invoice if their total amount is 0; the "Display on invoice if amount is 0" checkbox is now present when creating or editing a service

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where an account's data usage percentage was not being taken into consideration before being added to an overcap address list for usage based billing
  2. Fixed an issue on the 'Create Voice Service' form that was preventing local prefixes from being added when creating a voice service
  3. Fixed an issue with the Batch Payment Entry tool where it was limited to a single entry only
  4. Fixed the issue that was preventing the line 2 field of an address to be unset when editing a company
  5. Fixed an issue that was allowing users to access privileged information via global search without having the necessary permissions

Update 09/15/2021 23:48


  1. Implemented some general performance improvement for emails in inbound mailboxes
  2. Incorporated inventory logs into reporting so that inventory movement can now be tracked
  3. Updated how date-type custom fields are displayed so that they now reflect the date format picked in System > Settings

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where queued long-running work would not always be picked up
  2. Fixed an issue where duplicate invoice emails would sometimes be sent out when billing ran
  3. Fixed an issue where creating scheduled time off for a user would respond with “This change excludes the following scheduled jobs on the following dates" even if the user had no scheduled jobs

Update 09/14/2021 19:17


  1. Updated how the metadata fields for account services are displayed for improved alignment and accessibility for the associated Edit menu
  2. Implemented restrictions when adding packages to accounts so that only packages associated with the same company as the account can be added
  3. Implemented restrictions when creating a package so that only services associated with either no company or the same company as the package appear and are able to be added

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing the "Add Items" button to not work when attempting to add items to an inventory model
  2. Fixed an issue where legacy logs in the action log history were omitting the message part of the log that provides details on the action taken
  3. Fixed an issue where the Manufacturer filter menu within the Inventory Model Management screen was not displaying all existing manufacturers
  4. Fixed an issue where enabling daily billing would sometimes not update the Next Bill Date correctly for all accounts
  5. Fixed an issue that was causing some tooltips within an account's action logs to appear out of frame
  6. Fixed an issue that was preventing price overrides from being unset for account services

Update 09/10/2021 16:48

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that was preventing webhooks from firing correctly

Update 09/07/2021 12:39

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue within the customer portal where making one-time payments using a credit card would sometimes cause an error to appear for addresses in the UK
  2. Fixed an issue where the Reporting module was inaccessible for newly created V2 instances

Update 09/02/2021 14:38


  1. It's now possible to associate usage based billing policies to address lists from the UI

Bug Fixes

  1. Prorating the deletion of a service from an account for a date set in the past is not currently possible so the form feedback has been updated to reflect that (prorating the deletion for the current date or onwards is still possible)
  2. Fixed mislabeled "PayPal Transaction ID" for bank and credit card payments in the transaction history
  3. Address lists with usage based billing policies should no longer trigger when the data cap has not been exceeded

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