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Sonar Mobile App Version History



  • Updating to iOS SDK 17
  • Updating Android SDK minimum version to 34


  • Adding QR scanner support for inventory items
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Adding copy to clipboard around the app


  • Fix for status page not opening on android


  • Adding status page link
  • Better support for 500 error handling
  • Fix for logout not working
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix for double statuses showing up in certain scenarios
  • Fix for total payment not calculating properly


  • Fix error on account packages
  • Fix for custom field not working
  • Fix for timezone issue on job page
  • Fix for total balance not calculating in tax transactions on debits
  • Feature: Add inventory and generic inventory items to network sites
  • Feature: Support for searching generic inventory items
  • Feature: Multiple checkins by different techs on the same job
  • Improved UI for adding custom fields for date and booleans
  • Improved UI for searching in an internal inventory location
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix for services/packages not loading
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fixed phone number formatting
  • Fixed some translations
  • Fixed generic inventory items not showing up on network sites
  • Fixed issue where job would show as complete when it had failed


  • Phone number not working on user profile page
  • Wiredash integration fix
  • Translation bug fix


  • Adding generic inventory items
  • Manage account voice service details
  • Update phone numbers
  • Manage packages on accounts
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix for time not showing up properly
  • Fix for some users not able to open photo gallery
  • Fix for android users not able to open app from home screen


  • Added error modal for general and validations errors
  • All inventory locations will now show even if they’re empty
  • Added some missing translations
  • Misc bug fixes/refactoring


  • Added “Failed” text on failed transactions
  • Fix for account list wasn’t scrollable
  • Fix for jobs schedule at midnight wouldn’t show up on the today schedule
  • Fix for all subnets not being listed
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Added some missing translations
  • Updating dependencies


  • Updating app to be ready for translations


  • Updating iphone minimum refresh rate
  • Reducing api calls on job selection
  • Changing analytics provider
  • Misc cleanup
  • Splash screen no longer flashes on login or logout
  • Adding additional check when checking in to checked out job


  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix for login screen looping constantly after multiple sign in attempts


  • Login fixes
  • Fix for directions button if the address didn’t have a street number and was just a lat/lng location
  • Warning modal for when checking into another job when you’re already checked into a job
  • Fix for file uploads not sending the description
  • Wrong image being shown when deleted
  • Behind the scenes code improvement (shoosh shoosh)


  • You can now copy the completion notes to the clipboard
  • Fix for contrast issue on payment modal
  • Disabling checkin button so it can’t be pressed more than once
  • Disabling assign equipment button if the address isn’t serviceable
  • Jobs will now only use serviceable addresses


  • Login issues fixes
  • Misc clean up and changes behind the scenes


  • Fix services not showing up


  • Fix for if the job had to many pictures it to many pictures it would crash
  • Spinner shouldn’t keep on spinning now if there’s no image
  • Sorting uploads by upload date


  • Fix for app crashes logging out users
  • More helpful error messages
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fix for thumbnails not working on inventory items
  • Instant UI response that a file is being uploaded
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Better login error handling and offline mode.


  • Better check for connectivity


  • Revert connectivity check change as it was causing issues


  • Change the behaviour of offline mode
  • Improve thumbnail fetching


  • Increase the timeout for requests to 30 seconds.
  • Fix thumbnails of certain file types.
  • More visible color for refresh spinner.
  • Clearer wording when moving inventory.
  • Fix inventory item assignee always showing the current user rather than the actual assignee


  • Fix instance refresh.


  • Stop throttling requests.


  • Improve date picker visibility.
  • Fix for confirming file uploads.


  • Fix navigation button
  • Fix popup for notes requiring confirmation.
  • Performance improvements


  • Reintroduce the pause / checkout button.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Fix tasks with a boolean custom field.
  • Fix invalid thumbnails


  • Move inventory from warehouses etc. to the user or their vehicle: Inventory -> (location then model or vice versa) -> Item details.
  • Move inventory from the user or their vehicle to a warehouse: Inventory -> Location.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Require a unique ID for payments.


  • Fix for an empty Address line 1.


  • Use the geopoint for navigation if it disagrees with the address.
  • Minor fixes


  • Update the address while checked into a job.
  • Show the job’s custom fields.
  • When adding a data service to an account, replace the existing data service (with a warning).
  • Fix collapsible section memory while scrolling.
  • Fix for UI when adding a billing address.


  • Prefer addresses over coordinates when opening maps.
  • More selectable text: Job addresses and contacts.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Change a ticket’s status.
  • Show which groups an account belongs to.
  • Improve color contrast (job address)
  • Fix the display of price overrides.
  • Fix for the allowed services in one-time transactions.
  • Fix for refresh not picking up jobs on future dates.
  • Jobs can no longer be ‘paused’. Users can still check-in to any existing paused jobs.


  • Fix the display of custom-field data on tasks.
  • Fix the display of line breaks on fields that allow HTML.
  • Fix for ‘null’ user when coming from the inventory overview.
  • Fix for unscheduled jobs.
  • Rename “Clear Files & Cache” to “Clear All”, and have it unload everything from memory too.


  • Add Wire and Other payment types,
  • Fix scheduled jobs not showing up because of timezone parsing.
  • Permission fixes
  • Improvements to address forms.
  • Add and edit contacts while on the job.


  • New ticketing features: read and write public replies and private comments.
  • Allow updating an Account or Network Site address pin while checked into a job (permission required)
  • Show inventory model image in lists.
  • Fix for clickable links in HTML fields.
  • Fixes for text overflowing onto several lines.
  • Improved cache and file deleting, all files created by the app can be removed.
  • Moved: the ‘change account status’ button is now on the Account page, and is only available while checked-in to a job.


  • Bug fixes


  • Fix missing decimal point on keyboard for payments.
  • Fix display of certain HTML that was impacting the display of contracts.
  • Add option to show the job list first instead of the map (settings menu).
  • Performance improvements.


  • Add Sonar instance to analytics.


  • Show inventory model image for inventory items.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Fix file thumbnails
  • Show more vehicle inventory.
  • Group vehicle and user inventory by model.
  • Make IP Pools searchable.
  • Misc. fixes


  • Fix for last sync time
  • Minor fixes.


  • Show last sync time in the main menu (three dots)
  • Add a sync/refresh button next to the main menu.
  • Fix for intermittent missing data (wait for offline queue to finish processing before starting a sync).
  • Task-order support.
  • Offline support for changing your vehicles (if permitted)
  • Sign out if the access token is invalid.


  • Fix missing inventory on accounts
  • Fix for offline timestamps
  • Offline support for removing an account service
  • Offline support for tasks with CustomField data


  • Fix for custom task data not being accepted.
  • Fix missing inventory items in account view.
  • Improve descriptions of relationships between IPs and inventory items.


  • Fix image thumbnails not updating when their image is ready.
  • Improve the Note form.
  • Small fix for offline mode.


  • Revamp the account transactions UI.
  • Offline support for payments, one-time-transactions, and one-time-invoices.
  • Offline mutation items and file uploads now include their details.
  • Offline mutation queue items can be removed in any order.
  • Offline file uploads can be removed.
  • Fix hangups in the offline queue when syncing after going back online.
  • Add “Clear Cache” button to overflow menu (three dots) so it is always accessible.
  • Make payment-amount autofill buttons clearer that they are buttons.


  • Fix a query complexity issue.


  • New inventory dashboard for searching and browsing assignable (shelved) items.
  • Change an account status manually during a job.
  • Bug fixes


  • Allow one-time-transactions (Account -> Billing).
  • Add filters to services search.
  • Fix ‘Review Payment’ button being enabled when it shouldn’t be.
  • Improve ‘Take Payment’ flow.
  • Fix for missing Job Services.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Disable payment button while it is being processed.
  • Fix inventory dashboard grouping by model
  • Many small fixes.


  • Show custom fields on Accounts
  • fixes for task types
  • increase network timeout to 10 seconds
  • hide radius account passwords by default
  • various bug fixes


  • Offline file uploads
  • Edit file descriptions
  • Make bugs easier to find.

Coming soon: Shelved inventory overview and search.


  • Fix icons
  • Use bugsnag
  • Support task types


  • Contract improvements and bug fixes.


  • Fix query complexity


  • Testing rollback


  • View and sign contracts.


  • Remove unnecessary permissions.


  • Update logo
  • Fixes

0.3.2 beta

  • Fix login screen for password managers.

0.3.1+43 beta

  • Increased security (obfuscation)

0.3.1+41 beta

  • Fixes for vehicle inventory items, opening phone from number, and offline sync.

0.3.0 beta

  • Greatly speed up offline usage. If the first request in a series times-out (5 sec.), the remaining requests will complete from the cache.
  • Much better IP Assignment form.
  • Tons of fixes.

0.2.15 beta

  • File uploads: choose file type.
  • Show inventory for unassigned vehicles.
  • Improve task check/uncheck responsiveness.
  • Catch more sign-in errors.
  • Offline sync and other fixes.

0.2.14 beta

  • Give the offline queue its own screen.
  • Bug fixes.

0.2.13 beta

  • More sign-in screen fixes
  • Add analytics

0.2.12 beta

  • Sign-in messaging and fixes
  • Fix missing image

0.2.11 beta

  • Show sticky-with-confirmation notes until they are acknowledged.


  • Improved refresh, all loaded jobs are kept up-to-date.
  • Fix text selection bug.
  • Fix map and other bugs.

0.2.9 alpha

  • Fix autocorrect bug on iOS
  • Add job completion/failure notes to job status.

0.2.8 alpha

  • Fix offline mutations – offline payments are not available.
    • In general you can change jobs’ status, take notes, move equipment, and assign IPs.
  • Create invoices (Account -> billing).
  • Accept empty job completion notes.
  • Fix map movement bug.
  • Show job count on list/map.
  • Visual improvements and consistency.

0.2.7 alpha

  • Fix the display format of currencies
  • Offline queue fixes
  • More icons
  • Fix ‘today’ button when app is running for multiple days.
  • Improve service list items.

0.2.6 alpha

  • Fix payment screen.
  • Sign-out if the user doesn’t have permissions after they dismiss the dialog.
  • Fix duplicate entries for recurring services.
  • Add option to delete files.
  • Show account status on the account page
  • Fix offline mutation queue not showing immediately
  • Other fixes

0.2.5 Alpha

  • Log in with your username and password!
  • Speed up refreshes
  • Show more job IDs
  • Adding a service will not show disabled services.
  • Fix Service [id] not found
  • Fix blank jobs map/list bug
  • Other visual fixes.

Known bugs: You can only modify jobs on the day they are scheduled.


  • File uploads and downloads.
  • Search and Barcode scan when assigning inventory

Known bugs:

  • Modifying jobs outside of the current day can cause them to disappear. A fix is in the works.

Coming soon:

  • Username/password sign-in.


  • SuperAdmins can ensure a role with the required permissions exists via a button at the bottom of their profile page (☰ menu -> tap your name).
  • Accept HTML in more fields.
  • Limit logs to the latest 5 entries
  • Show a message upon payment success/failure (bottom of screen)
  • Make phone numbers and emails clickable
  • Fix task check/uncheck bug
  • Hide some unnecessary buttons

Coming soon:

  • Barcode scan and inventory search
  • file uploads and downloads
  • username/password login!


  • Change app icon
  • Change iOS app name to match Android
  • Visual improvements
  • Test login for Apple


  • Include ticket with job
  • See log item details.
  • Fixes for iOS


  • Demo for Visionary/Mammoth
  • Offline mode fixes
  • Maps bounding box


  • Check for permissions before entering the jobs view.
  • SuperAdmins can add the required permissions to an existing role or create a new one
  • Test scanning button


  • Abandon -> Fail job, add option to pause job.
  • Fix task completion
  • Sanitize file names for local storage
  • Validate hostnames before sign-in


  • Leave feedback
  • Phrasing and log message changes.


  • View app logs


  • Misc fixes from feedback
  • Inventory and IP management improvements.
  • See attached tickets.
  • Assign yourself vehicles.
  • First user (non-developer) release


  • Fix jobs control
  • Fix serialization of time-only fields.


  • Changed to Sonar account, start keeping a changelog.

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